The Aviator Harness and Leash

Sussex, England

February 2006

HI Steve,

I've always wanted to give my bird an opportunity to be outside and to get more exercise safely. The aviator harness is definitely the answer!  It will change Sangria's life. Not only will she be able to enjoy nice sunny days outside with me, she will be able to go places with me and be a more socialized bird.  I think she will be a more confident and a more mentally and physically fit bird for years to come.  I'm so excited about the future she has ahead of her!

Deb Lacy
Orrville, Ohio



April 2006

Hi Steve,

I've WOW, I never realized how exhilarating a flighted parrot would be!!
I've only used the harness for a short time and already she is "hunkering" down to hurry up and get her head in it because she knows it means outside.  They learn fast! It gives me goose bumps watching her have so much fun! 

She loves to fly back and forth from my husband and I.  She's used to flying from her cage to her "tree" in the house so after she got used to playing in the willow for a little while, I stood back and let her fly to the tree. She did very well! She's so proud of herself! It looks high up, but it's not. I could stand on the ground and easily reach her.

It is so amazing to watch her excitement! Without the harness this would not have been possible for us.  I am a veterinary hospital manager and I will be recommending it to our bird clients.

Deb Lacy
Orrville, Ohio